Welcome to the Campfire

Photo: "Moon over Minnesota" by Steve took it (Flickr)

This is a new direction for me. For the past few months I’ve been happily posting away on my blog “Other Side of 40”. It has been an awesome experience, and I’ve made several new “blogging” friends along the way.

I have for years wanted to write, but always found a reason not to do it. A healthy part of that, was the fear that I wouldn’t be able to get people to either read it, like it, or even understand what I was trying to say. In December of 2010, I ran out of reasonable excuses, so instead of saying “why should I”, I said “why not”. Other Side of 40 was born.

Over a 100 posts later, I have started to find my “writing” self. And with this new-found confidence, I tentatively tested the waters of Fiction writing. Not only did I find out that I was capable of creating a story, but  I enjoyed it as well. Still this new writing urge left me with a problem. Fiction just doesn’t fit with the flavour of the Other Side of 40. OSo40 has become a place where my quirky humour and personal perspective can run as they please. I post about what ever comes into my mind, which for me can literally be anything. While I thank all those that read it (and I’m still going to continue writing it), it becomes a bit of a whiplash for the readers when I suddenly toss in a fictional piece.

So, the only (in)sane thing to do is create a place where I can “just” write. This is where you are now standing. The campfire circle is a place to tell stories, it gives the imagination a blank canvas to create anything it desires. So I have stacked my wood, lit the fire, and I’m ready to start.Go ahead and pull up a rock or a log and get comfortable. Story time is going to start soon! There is just one last thing I need to do.

Come, come, light up the fire.

Come, come, join in the ring.

Find here dreams to inspire,

Stories to tell,

Music to sing!

With that formality out-of-the-way, I can now declare this campfire open. Enjoy!




12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Campfire

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  2. Oh, a beautiful campfire; the perfect place for stories. I know I was the first to ‘like’, and maybe the first to subscribe, but I’m looking forward to reading your stories.

    Congratulations, Ken!!!!!

  3. Hello Ken
    I am very happy to know that you are growing in confidence. And this new blog for fiction stories only….nice idea! All the very best and you know your campfire is sorta special because it is a global campfire :-). I am all ready with a soft quilt to wrap around, a sleeping bag, a cushion and a perfect place to lean on a log and sit—- to listen to your stories. I’m ready!

    • That is so true! This is a place where all are welcome no matter what they look like or where they are from. I’m looking forward to seeing where all this leads. Thanks for all the support you have shown me. It really means a lot given all the challenges that you have been faced with yourself during the past months. So sit and enjoy!

    • I’m really shocked that I had comment only a few hours after “lighting the fire”. I hadn’t planned on putting a story up for a couple of days…. but you have s’mores, so how can I say no. My first story up is called “Fly”. I hope you like it.

  4. I think this blog is a great idea.
    Like you I always thought of writing but never really did anything about it until I retired just under two years ago.
    Again like you I started with a general blog about my ‘random thoughts’ – it was great fun.
    Then I decided to put my stories on a separate blog and that is working well…… but be warned it will take over! I rarely go back to my original blog as I seem to spend so much time writing short stories.
    Good luck

    • Mike,

      Thanks for the visit! It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one then 🙂 And yes OSo40 is great fun, but who knows what the future holds. If I’d been told I would be a blogger this time last year… and thank you for the advice as well, it’s nice to hear it from someone who has taken the same trail.


  5. I love the title of the new blog. What better place to sit around and tell stories? It’s funny because I just started to read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird to try to get me inspired to actually sit down and write (as I’ve been thinking about doing it for years). And then, unrelated (at least consciously), I started watching episodes of Jim Hensen’s storytellers. The first episode began with the narrator telling us that the most honored place close to the campfire was always the storyteller. Good luck in your writing endeavors. I look forward to joining you by the fire to hear you tell your tales (and maybe one of these days, I’ve have some to share over on my blog).

    • Meghan,

      First let me say welcome! I have to admit that I’ve never seen the show before (though I have now!). Thank you for introducing it to me 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words, I hope you join us again here at the fire. I look forward to the possibility that one day you will stand in the fire circle and entertain us all.


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