The Gun on the Desk

OK, you might be thinking “Hey he’s cheating! He posting another story” In a way you would be correct too, at least about the story (Haley didn’t actually say “just one story per person”, so I’d have to ask for a ruling on if I was cheating or not) because this is my second offering to her April Flash Fiction Challenge . In my defence, you will notice that this story is posted on the “Fictional Campfire” and not “OS040”.

This challenge has really turned me around on fiction writing, and I thank Haley for bringing it to “Soldiering Through The Writing World” I haven’t been able to read all the stories linked back to the challenge yet, but the ones that I have are truly amazing. Wow, guys! My last story was a bit dark, so I thought I would take a shot at a more up beat one this time.

The Gun on the Desk

"final exam" by dcJohn (Flickr)

She had been warned, but now it was too late. The spray of water played across Sam and her classmates!

Sam had entered the classroom with dread. The her class was due to start writing short stories, and she was NOT looking forward to it. It wasn’t that Samantha didn’t like writing, in fact she desperately wanted to be an author one day. She just didn’t want the rest of the class to know that.

As the period bell sounded, Mr Hazard walked into the room carrying a “Ultrasoaker 1000” water blaster. This was immediately noticed by the trouble makers hiding in the back.

“Yo, cool gun there Mr. H” piped up Derek “who did ya take it from!”

As he placed the water gun down on his desk, Mr Hazard just smiled. Perching himself on the corner of the desk he got right into it.

“OK, guys. You too Derek” he said to laughter “who here knows how to write a story?”

Sam really wanted to put up her hand. She had three binders full of stories, but she remained silent. Derek answered for the class.

“Me!” he stated proudly “once upon a time, the end”

“Not bad Derek, but you might want to add a few things to it.” Mr. H chuckled “like maybe a setting. Anybody know what that is?”

This time Sam spoke “It’s where a story takes place. It’s the world the author creates by describing it to us.”

“Very good!” he smiled ” Today I want everybody to work on creating a setting. It can be anywhere you like, include good detail, but remember that anything you describe must be functional to the story. My english teacher use to say if you describe a gun, it must go off by the end of the story. Let’s go.”

But Derek wasn’t quite ready to get working yet. “Mr H, how about you give us an example, just so we know what you’re looking for huh?”

"Squirt guns" by Adam Blust (Flickr)

It seemed to Sam that Mr Hazard had been waiting for that question ” OK, how about this example – Mr Hazard taught grade 10 english in classroom 125. The class was filled with remarkably creative students, and a guy named Derek. It was a plain classroom, rather boring in fact. The only notable item in the classroom at all was the “Ultrasoaker 1000″ water blaster laying on the teacher’s desk. The end!  – So Derek, that any help to you?” Mr Hazard asked as he turned his back to the class and bent over his desk.

It was then that something had occurred to Sam ” Excuse me, didn’t you say that your teacher said if you describe a gun, it has to go off by the end of the story. You just said The End, but you didn’t say anything about the gun going off.”

When Mr Hazard turned around holding the water blaster and smiling, Sam realized that she had just made a mistake!


15 thoughts on “The Gun on the Desk

      • I’m really NOT on the pc 24/7. I was lucky to catch your post at the right time. And, really, no need for thanks. I learn so much from others growth that I should be thanking you all!

  1. Wow, Ken. I didn’t realize you had a second blog. By the way, you’re not cheating I didn’t set a challenge limit! I love this story. It made me laugh and I could imagine a few teachers I know actually doing this. As I’ve said before you are great at writing humor!

    • Campfire is only 4 days old! As for the teachers, I know a few too. If I was a teacher, then I would do that :). But thats me, the class clown. Glad you liked it.

    • Come to think of it, it was my English teacher that said the bit about describing the gun. Funny how life inspires art.

  2. LOL. What a fun teacher!

    I could really relate to Sam – I used to hide my writing, even from my family, too, because I knew, or thought I knew, that people would tease me for – in younger years – my horse stories, which later turned into horse-fantasy-mushy-stuff stories. The first time I ever showed anybody any of my writing was years later, to a strictly virtual friend, whom I knew I would never have to meet in person. I’ve come a long way since then, but I totally understand Sam’s hesitation. Great job!

    • Pia,

      Hmmm! Horse-fantasy-mushy-stuff, is that a genre? 😉 Going to have to see if I could write a story for that one! Do you have a prompt? 🙂

      There’s a little bit of me in Sam too. It’s kinda funny but I never wanted share my stories for fear that no one would like them. Now that I have, when people say that they like them, I never quite know how to respond. So I’ll just say, thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to visit!


    • Mike,

      He is actually based a bit on my oldest son’s grade 4 teacher of the same name. When he left the school a year later, it was a loss, but he went on to running courses for other teachers so I can only hope his influence will continue to create teachers like the Mr. H in this story. As for my imagination…. best leave that subject alone 😉


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  4. Loved your story, Ken! Finally got a chance to drop by…very nice blog, will add you to my ‘must read’ list…

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      I’m honoured to have you drop by! Thanks for the kind words. I only recently realized that you liked to write as well! If you ever fell like sharing a yarn for the “Campfire” please let me know. I would love to have to guest post here. Glad you stopped by.


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