Guest Storyteller – Kelsey G.

I am very proud to present my first guest storyteller here at the Campfire. Of course, I’m also proud because she is my niece. Because Kelsey loves to write stories so much, I knew that I had to ask her if she would like to write one for the “Fictional Campfire”, so I did that yesterday. In the true spirit of flash fiction, Kelsey immediately grabbed pen and paper and got to work. Soon afterwards, she returned to where the “big” kids were talking and presented me with her submission.

After a quick discussion about possible editing, she confidently gave me the go ahead to post it for her (alas she has no blog of her own yet!). Below you will find her story, “Mouse Tunels”, complete with illustrations, I might add!  So I ask that you please quiet down while I let her take her place in the fire circle to begin. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you Kelsey for sharing this wonderful story with everybody here. Well done and keep writing!

Uncle Ken

“Mouse Tunels” by Kelsey G.


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