“If Found…”

Selena of Selena Wolff’s Solitary Words runs a Flash Fiction Friday challenge each week. The rules are as follows: The story can be no longer than 500 words, must use the 3 solitary words she has provided, and be in the genre of the week. Sound easy right? I have to admit that this week I really had to work at it. Below is my offering for this week. The Genre is fantasy, and the words are Asphodel, Fey, and Scramble.

“If Found…”


October 12th

After long hours researching I believe that I have indeed located an active site. I’m hoping to set up a blind to observe the mound, and have several eye-witness accounts from the local townsfolk. I can’t express the excitement that I feel.

October 18th

After several days and nights of standing watch, I was rewarded with a confirmed sighting. I had brewed a tea, when I heard a scramble outside the blind. In the growing darkness I spotted a miniature figure emerging from the tall grass. We stood transfixed, staring at each for a few moments, then my visitor fled back into the undergrowth. I believe at this point it was a brownie.

October 24th

This is the fist time that I have had to write in this journal in a few days. It has been a most amazing time. Within hours of my first visitor, I started to have more sightings. While I can not be certain, they seem to be almost playing a game with me. Darting in and out of my view, and I’m certain that I have heard laughter during this behavior.

October 26th

Contact at last! I awoke this morning to find a sprite waiting for me. It was most interested in my purpose here. While the visit was brief, I am now sure that the have excepted my presence here. At tea this evening, I was surprised to find a small offering of flowers.

October 30th

Busy times. I have now cataloged that least 120 different beings around the mound area. Once the Fey were certain that I posed no threat, they began to visit in growing numbers and types. This morning a gnome presented an invitation to enter their home inside the fairy mound tomorrow night (all hollow’s eve). I am to walk 3 times counter-clockwise around the mound and I shall be able to find the entrance.

Nov 1

I have arrived! I liken it to the ancient greek vision of Asphodel Meadows. Fields of lilies and other wildflowers stretch far as the eye can see. It would seem that my hosts are as curious about myself as I am of them. Had the most wonderous food tonight, but I am worn out from the days events. Will write more tomorrow.

Nov 2

I was surprised to find that my hosts have not made plans for my return to the world that I left. I spent several hours trying to convince them of the importance of my going back. They have agreed to think about it. Yet another feast this evening. I’m growing weary from the work of the last few weeks. I’m sure that I just need some rest.


It has been some time since I last wrote in this book. Time has no meaning in this place. I find myself caring less about returning to my home, and I feel that this is most likely the last time I will write in this journal. I would ask that if it’s found at some point, that it be…


11 thoughts on ““If Found…”

  1. Tremendous story Ken.
    I thought using a diary to tell the story was very clever and helped take the reader on the same journey as the writer of the diary.
    I thought the ending was great it just ……..

    • Thanks Mike, the added bonus was that I didn’t need to worry too much about grammar using the diary form. The ending was quite eas……. (darn did it again :))

  2. I really like the use of the journal entries too. If when I am old, I find myself alone, I may go in search of this place and never return to my previous life again either. Lovely!

    • Hi Billie Jo. Thank you. There are many that feel the old iron-age hill fort are actually fairy mound. So finding one near you shouldn’t be too hard!

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