New Blog!

"Literary cat" by Suzi Duke (Flickr)

Before you say “are you completely nuts!” let me say that this one is NOT MY fault at all. Blame all the great writers out there! Anybody who has hung around the “campfire” over the last month knows that I’m really into flash fiction. I love writing it, but I also love reading it. The big problem is finding it! One can go click happy, bouncing all around the different blogs out there. So I’m going to try and save your mouse some wear and tear.

Introducing – Story Told By… for your one stop reading needs!

As I find stories, I’ll post links to them up here for all to see. But, I’ll still need some help. If you know of a story or a writer, please pass it on. The same applies for links to blogs as well.

Thanks, and good reading!



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