For this weeks Sunday challenge Billie Jo of  “Out of the woods”  invited us to wordsmith a story of not more than 500 words that contained theme of sabotage. Below is my offering.


The airlock shuttered as it reached its destination. Davis checked his Blackberry. Arriving May 6, 1937 flashed on the display. Oh well, back to work then. He open the Timeline Attire App and punched in “1937, North America”. His jumper twitched slightly, then changed to a pin stripped business suit complete with spats.

He activated the portal controls and was greeted with a small pop as the air pressure balanced in the lock. He looked around.Right where he was supposed to be. Carefully Davis stepped out on to the superstructure. Once settled, he surveyed his surroundings. Below him was a long metal gangway with a stairway leading to a hatch door. He pulled out his scanner and looked at the readings. The bomb was easy enough to find. He ran a diagnostic on it and saved the data. Now all he had to do was wait.

The bang of the hatch door opening gave him a start. Two crewmen dressed in coveralls seemed to be searching for something. “Ach mein Gott” one yelled as he pulled the bomb from its hiding place. As fast as they had arrived they were gone, along with the explosive device. Waiting a few more minutes to make sure they weren’t going to return, he retrieved the data from the scanner and feed it into the replicator.

Once the bomb had been returned to its hiding place, he pulled up the timer on his watch. Damn, cutting this one a bit close he thought as the portal popped open. Safely on the ground Davis wonder who had tipped the crew to the incendiary. Likely some future relative trying save an ancient family member. When would people learn not to mess about in the time stream!

Suddenly the sky became bright red, but he didn’t bother to look as he made his way through the now running crowd. Hurrying past a newsreel reporter, he heard the man cry “oh the humanity”. No one noticed him open the airlock and step through. Back inside, he dropped into his chair. What a day, and it was only Monday too! He glanced at the report that he had started on the Dallas incident. Most likely he’d catch hell for that one. Destroying the roofed limousine had been a last-ditch effort on his part, but it had all worked out in the end. He had even received a smile and wave as the motorcade had turned the corner.

Davis worked for the Federal Bureau of Timeline Interference as a field agent. Ever since time travel had become available, people seemed to think they could just alter things to suit themselves. But time was a fragile thing, similar to a house built of cards. It could be messy if someone tried to pull a card out of it. So the F.B.T.I. was formed to keep things as they had been.

His Blackberry chipped again. Looking at it he swore “Damnit, can this day get any worse. It had to be the Ides of March?”  He punched in Roman Senate;Rome;March 15, 44 BC and hit engage.


13 thoughts on “F.B.T.I.

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  2. I always wanted to experience time travel as a child and often still lie there thinking of all the repercussions that would occur if I ever did. I can dream the future because it hasn’t happened yet but always wanted to really experience the past. I love how you have woven very key events and dates from history into your story. Fabulous way to interpret the theme of sabotage!

    • Thanks Billie Jo. It was fun to write. I’m really thinking that Agent Davis might return to a story again some time. The possibilities are really endless, with history providing events. Gonna have to think about that 🙂

  3. Ken -you took me into a world that I didn’t know exisited and I believed it! I’d love to see this develop into something more.. It was great! Fab piece! Job well done!

    • Thank you. It kinda started as a fluff idea, but now its starting become something bigger. Could be fun! Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. Great story, and a lot of fun too. I’ve read a lot of time travel stories, but like yikici said, this one was seamlessly woven to make a bunch of tech explanation unnecessary. Good job!

    Btw, Ken – Congratulations! You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award (passed through me) for your wonderful blogging.

    Go here (http://fantasyfic.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/versatile-blogger-awards/) for details on the terms for acceptance of this award. You rock!

  6. Very interesting! I have to admit something here. I read through this story three times to understand what was going on. Then I began refitting the pieces :-). Well done! Time travel mmmmmmm….wouldn’t I love to go once without having an FBTI agent interfere……

    • It is a common wish. Go back in time. But the question is what would you do there? Should there be any concern for Agent Davis?

      Thanks for reading it, I was vague on purpose trying to force the reader to pay attention, and figure out the clues I left for themselves.

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  8. I love playing around with acronyms. I ask my son to think of three letters and I have to come up with a story around them. Quite an interesting starting point. Love your story. I love the fact you used an app on his phone to change into the correct attire for the era, great use of a contemporary concept. I don’t read enough about time travel and it’s a fascinating subject. Congrats. Also, love the blog.

    • Hi Bayley,

      Welcome to the Campfire, glad you stopped by, and thank you very much for the kind words.

      I figured since they have an app for everything else why not something to assist a time cop. I like time travel stories (though this was my first), most likely because I like history so much! I was trying to progress along the lines of Jurasic Park. Everything happens for a reason, so its best not to mess with things. Most time travellers go back in time to change something, not really considering the impact it will have. I made the FBTI to police history so to speak.

      Ray Bradbury wrote a great story on the impact of changing just one little thing in the past. While I can’t recall the title, it was used for the basis of the movie “A Sounnd of Thunder”

      Hope to hear from you again, and maybe to read some of your creations too!



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