New Hero in Town

I thought that I would give Sonia Mederios’ May Writing Challenge a try. She dared us to take a tired cliché and give it a new twist. At first I figured that this was going to be difficult, but as I read down her sample list two (yep gonna write another one!) jumped out. Here is my first twisted tale.

New Hero in Town

Hanna Herold always got her man. Five time Metroville “Investigative Reporter of the Year”, she knew how to get what she wanted. Now standing on the ledge of a skyscraper 45 stories above the street, she wondered how she had ended up there.

Tequila, lots of tequila! That and a game of truth and dare. She had let slip her little secret, which had turned into a dare. Get a date with her crush, Commander Ultra. He was the biggest story in Metroville, just newly arrived in town, handsome, and most importantly single.

Her best friend Pippa was above her on the roof top yelling “You don’t have to do this! We were all pretty drunk last night.” Hanna twisted around to yell back when her foot slipped and she pitched off the ledge. Screaming as she plunged towards her demise, it took her a minute to realize that she was no longer falling, but was cradled in a strong pair off arms. His arms!

Flashing through the air, she looked up into his eyes which were as deep as two dark pools. As she shifted a bit to get a better look at him, he looked at her. “You should be more careful Miss” he smiled “you were lucky I heard your scream” He continued looking into her eyes, and was about to say something when WHAM! everything went black.

“Hanna” Pippa was talking to her, but she sounded so far away “Hanna can you here me?”

“Where am I” she finally managed.

“The hospital!”

The next day, and one broken arm later, Hanna was again plotting. This time she stood on the railing of the Polar Bear tank at the zoo.

Pippa was saying. “Are you sure about this guy? I mean, the dude flew into a building while he was carrying you! He doesn’t seem like he’s the sharpest tool in the drawer!”

Hanna was about to tell her to be quiet, but instead lost her footing on the wet handrail tumbling into the enclosure. Splash! Dragging herself out off the water, she pulled the hair from her eyes to find a very hungry bear standing above her. But before she could react, there was a crimson flash and “he” was punching  the large carnivore in the mouth. She watched in fascination as it swayed, then fell… on top of Hanna.

The next day, and a concussion later, Hanna sat on the park bench waiting . Suddenly Commander Ultra was sitting on the seat beside her. “Hello” he said “I got your note”

She took a deep breath and started ” Look, I’m just going to tell you this because I’m afraid that I might end up dead.” He looked puzzled, so she continued” I like you, and I’ve been trying to get your attention.”

It took a few seconds, then he brightened “Wow, I understand now. Jeez, this has never happened before! I mean wow, this is so cool! I’m really honoured! Of course I’ll sign your cast!” he said as he pulled out a pen.


13 thoughts on “New Hero in Town

  1. Hhehehehehehehe, rotflmao! In spades! That was not only good, it was **** good! I started laughing when I caught on. Poor girl, she couldn’t win for losing!

    I am putting you on “follow” because if all of your stuff is like this, I not only want a way to go in when I am not working on my own stuff, but for a “pick me up” to brighten my day.

    If you want to see your link proudly added to my site, then just go to the first one, the “ghostwriter” ( one of my three blogs and you will find it, along with the others that I follow, in little icons that I created myself along the right hand edge, right below the icons i made for Ms. Stephanie, of BEKINDREWRITE ( [The icons are actually links that lead to her site, just as are all of the other images on that side of the page].

    I am looking forward to reading more of your work, I really like it!

    If you would like, if you do indeed go to my site, leave me a little “howdy” to let me know you stopped by.

    Here are the links to my other blogs…

    Heaven bless and please keep up the wonderful work,

    marantha jenelle

    • Marantha,

      Very glad that you liked the story. I was going to call it “Strong Like Tank, Smart Like Tank” Thank you for honouring me with an icon, that was very kind! I popped into your sight yesterday, but alas my time was limited so the stay wasn’t as long as I would have liked. I did however enjoy the story about “The Refuge”.



    • Billie Jo, I couldn’t agree with you more! This actually made me laugh, which, given that it is me we are talking about here…the one who rarely laughs…is very high praise indeed! I subscribed to him and just got through adding him to my list of “follows” on my main blog, which, by the way, you your own sweet little ol’ self are also on! If you would like to check out my brand spanking new just created today “follow” list, go to my main blog at and look for the image that has your blog name on it, then click on it and watch what happens! Each of those images is a link to that site! I created the images myself, by the way, as well as the ones that will list my other blogs which will go below them.

      I will be “popping in” to read some of yours later today. I have given myself the “treat” of taking the day off to “visit” some of my friends here on wordpress. You guys are all so sweet and talented as well.

      Wishing both you and you too, Mr. Ken, all of heaven’s most wonderful blessings,


    • I think that my head may be getting a bit bigger from all the nice comments. Thank you (as always) for the kind words.

    • Sonia, thank so much! Yes he could definitely use one upside the head. I really wished I had more words to build up how much of a dunce he was…sigh! What a great challenge!

  2. I agree with Sonia -Commander Ultra seems to have a few common-sense screws loose! 🙂 It certainly was funny; a lovely twist from the norm and in a subtle -not too much in your face kind of way. 🙂

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