3 Thank You’s and an Apology

Sorry gang this ones not a story. Well not a fictional one anyway!

Yesterday I found that on my comments page, I had been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award twice within a few hours. Really didn’t expect to see that! (Blushing) But the tale does not end there! Haley Whitehall also felt that I fit this category as well, but sometimes I can be exceptionally dense and I totally missed the significance of her original post. And in doing so, I failed in the first requirement way back on April 21st. Haley I’m very sorry for that error.

So what exactly am I going to do now you ask? Simple, do as I’m told. (Well sorta anyway!)

This awards requirements are as follows;

  1. Thank the person who gave you the reward.
  2. List seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate fifteen new bloggers for the award.

So here goes! A big thank you to… Haley Whitehall of “Haley is Soldiering through the Writing World” , Sandra Bell Kirchman of “Fantasyfic”, and Knot2share of “A space to be Me”. I’m touched and surprised by your actions.

Now the next task is a little harder to resolve. Do I cheat and just list 7 facts about myself, or do I list 21 since 3 of my blogging friends have each asked. So get comfy, because 21 it is! Who’s up for some sharing?

  1. My middle name is Rodney; a fact that I keep hidden throughout school. My dad wanted this to be my first name, but mom stepped in and saved the day.
  2. I was bullied in school. Not physically, but often the target of mean-spirited jokes and comments.
  3. I have ADHD (inattentive type). I’m prone to hyper-focusing and have suffered depression.
  4. I created artwork for an Advanced Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign module called “Catapult Run” in college. What can I say? I’m a big geek!
  5. I once met LeVar Burton (1979). I doubt that he would remember me, I was a 14 yr old kid delivering Duty Free purchases at Toronto Intern’l Airport. He bought a very nice womans silk scarf, which I recall was blue.
  6. I’m a secret agent. OK no I’m not, I was checking to see if you were paying attention.
  7. I once refused to get on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World. I got as far as the loading platform and baulked. I did get a brief behind the scenes tour as they walked me out. To keep some of my mysterious nature I won’t say how old I was.
  8. I was going to be an animator. Operative word is “was”. Did 2 of 3 years then took a year off to work. It’s been a very long year!
  9. I once had my head shaved from losing a bet. I bet a hockey team that I coached “that I would shave all my hair off if they won the championship” They went from Worst to First that season. One off my proudest days working with youth.
  10. I have been a volunteer with youth (4 to 18) for 25 years. Currently I’m a Scout Leader.
  11. I tipped a canoe that was tied to a dock. Something my friends like to remind of every once in a while.
  12. I drove from Toronto to San Francisco alone.
  13. On that trip, I stopped at the Top of Donner Pass to stand on the truck roof. At that moment I was 7,252 feet (7240′ +6′ +6′) above sea-level and for a brief few minutes one of the highest people in the US.
  14. I rode a cable car, hanging off the side just like in the movies.
  15. Most of my friends are women.
  16. My very first story was called “Dragon in the Dryer”.
  17. My nickname in high-school was Barbie.
  18. I’m still good friends with my first crush.
  19. I can predict the winning numbers for the Power Ball lotto. Again not true, but since we’re getting close to the end of this I’d thought I would check to see if you were still reading or bidding for a cool thingy on Ebay.
  20. I’m extremely proud of the veterans from my family.
  21. I’ve had fun writing this!

This is where I’m heading off road! I could name 15 bloggers that I feel are also Versatile. Problem is most of those people already have this award. Fear not, I will pass on this award to others, just not today. I would like to award it to writers that have captivated me with their work. While it would be simple just to find 15 new blogs, how would the blogger feel if it comes from a complete stranger. The nicest thing about being awarded this honour, is that it has come from people that I consider friends. So starting now, I’m on the lookout for new bloggers! (I’ve always done this, but felt the need to proclaim it again)

So I’ve said thank you, bored you with trivia, and just changed the rules. We’re done now right? Wait don’t answer, because I’ve haven’t told you the best part yet. To honour the people that have been a big support to me, I have something for you! My very own accolade. The Inspiring Blogger Award.  I’m sending this to those bloggers that have been my inspiration to try harder and push myself beyond comfort zone.

Please feel free to use this award for yourselves. The rules are simple. Someone inspires you to be a better blogger? Let them know via email or post it.  Below is my list.

My Inspiring Bloggers are;

Haley Whitehall

Selena Wolff

Billie Jo Woods

Sandra Bell Kirchman




10 thoughts on “3 Thank You’s and an Apology

  1. Why, thank you, Ken. I am honored to be considered in the company of such great writers. And I am very glad that my blogging inspires you.

    Now, just one thing…since you put down 21 random facts (7 x 3), shouldn’t you find 45 award candidates (15 x 3)? 😛 lol

    • haha! You are right Sandra, should be 45 candidates :-).

      Thank you Ken! Absolutely honoured to be part of the insipiring group as you put it.

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  3. Ken, inspiration is as inspiration does! Thank you so much. As the others have said, it is a privilege to be included in this group of dedicated writers. Your name should be on the list. Hmmm……as a matter of fact….

  4. Hi Ken,
    It is never to late to follow directions and accept your award! You are a Versatile Blogger. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    And thank you for the Inspirational Blogger Award! What an honor to be placed with a group of friends and dedicated writers. I’m currently writing a post about “not falling off the face of the earth” I fear I haven’t posted any inspirational comments in a long time. Thanks for continuing to be one of my cheerleaders.

    I think I should create a cheerleading award…

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