Announcement , Announcement, Announcement!

Hi all,

I will be away for most of this coming weekend, so Sunday Snap will actually be Monday Snap this time round. This means a bonus day for some of you, and another day to build up the anticipation of the new Snap. I’ve got several all lined up, I just need to choose nostalgic, fun, or fantasy. Should anyone wish, they are welcome to make suggestions about it. Hope you all have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!



6 thoughts on “Announcement , Announcement, Announcement!

    • I can’t sneak one past you can I!

      Actually I’m going to do something a bit different this week (just to save my sanity!). But I will include the history idea, that sounds fun, and I have a favourite “snap ” to use!

    • Thanks Billlie! (being that this is now the tuesday afterwards) I did! Watch for something special this week!

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