July Super Snap

Hello all,

When I stepped back from writing for a while, I never imagined that it would this long. The good news is that I’m almost finished with my “other” commitments and hopefully will be tending fire again shortly. Here is something to keep you occupied in the mean time.

A few weeks back I posted 3 different photos for inspiration. Several brave souls stepped up to the challenge. Here are their wonderful stories.

“Magic Bubble” by Knot2share (K2S) of A space to be Me

“Draggin’ Dragon” by Sandra Bell Kirchman of Fantasyfic

“The Dragon Moon” by Billie Jo Woods of Out of the Woods

“Moon of Change” by Ozlem of yikici

I want to thank you guys for joining and sharing. I loved each of these stories, and all were so different! Bravo!

With all the great challenges out there (and so little time!), I think that I’m going to continue running Super Snap as a monthly feature, to give people (myself included) more time to work on a submission. As an added bonus I’m starting this one a bit early. Start now and take advantage of 6 free days of writing time at no extra charge!  So…

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How about 500 words instead? Each month I will find 4 photos to post. Your job (should you dare) is to write a story of no more than 500 words in any genre that might be inspired by one of the pictures. Make sure that when you post it to your blog, you add a link back to this post. The following month I’ll list all the stories submitted for the previous challenge and add new photos to inspire you.

So have fun and good writing!

But wait! What’s that you say? Sometimes the story just can’t tell itself in just 500 words! Very true. So how about this, if the story needs more words, so be it. This is about having fun writing, reading other authors’ stories, and finding inspiration. Every once in a while we all need to colour outside the lines. Perhaps I need to amend the rules a bit!

  1. Have Fun
  2. Each month I will find 4 photos to post. Your job (should you dare) to write a story of no more than 500 words in any genre that might be inspired by one of the pictures.
  3. If rule 2 isn’t working for you, please refer to rule 1.
  4. New extra rule, use one or all (or somewhere in-between) of the photos. If in doubt on how to proceed, please refer to rule 1 as well.

Remember to link back to this post, and add the link to your story in the comments area here.

This months photos for you to ponder!

"There it is, plane to see" by Matthew Steward (Flickr)

"An Electric Night in Times Square" by Trey Ratcliff (Flickr)

"Desert Song" by Meena Kadri (Flickr)

"Let There Be Hope" by Diego da Silva (Flickr)


Breaking News

Hi all,

Just popped in to share this with you all. I’m very pleased to announce that for the very first time, I am a guest writer. My blogging friend (and talented writer) Billie Jo Woods  asked if I would write something for her blog while she enjoys a few days at the Sea Side.

I have been thinking that I should move to England. Everybody there is always going on about this wonderful place. I have to be missing something. Mind you, as my oldest son points out, since England in surrounded by water, a large percentage of it is going to be “Sea Side”! Something to ponder there.

Sorry, got distracted there. Back to it then. I have to thank Billie for letting me guest for her this week, (I’m just one of several writers, so you should check their stories out as well) it is a great honour and I’m truly touched by it. Thank you!

If you’re up to it, have a peek HERE.

With the school year quickly drawing to a close, I hope to be back at it again soon. Until then… “Cheers”!