Breaking News

Hi all,

Just popped in to share this with you all. I’m very pleased to announce that for the very first time, I am a guest writer. My blogging friend (and talented writer) Billie Jo Woods  asked if I would write something for her blog while she enjoys a few days at the Sea Side.

I have been thinking that I should move to England. Everybody there is always going on about this wonderful place. I have to be missing something. Mind you, as my oldest son points out, since England in surrounded by water, a large percentage of it is going to be “Sea Side”! Something to ponder there.

Sorry, got distracted there. Back to it then. I have to thank Billie for letting me guest for her this week, (I’m just one of several writers, so you should check their stories out as well) it is a great honour and I’m truly touched by it. Thank you!

If you’re up to it, have a peek HERE.

With the school year quickly drawing to a close, I hope to be back at it again soon. Until then… “Cheers”!


2 thoughts on “Breaking News

    • Thanks Selena!

      Like you, I love to putter with the look of the blog. When they put this theme out, it just looked “right” to me.

      Hope to talk soon.

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