A little story about me!

(Pause to allow gasps of surprise at a new post!)

Once upon a time there was a young(ish) man who thought that one day he might like to write out all the wild stories and characters that inhabited his slightly peculiar mind. After many half-attempts, he finally managed to build an imaginary campfire where he (and others) could go to share stories. Life was good!

But like all stories, you know that the hero can not simply find the treasure, get the girl and stroll off to happily ever after. There must be challenges and dragons along the way. It is these interruptions that make the a story lifelike, and force the hero to push that bit harder the reach his goals. It is that journey, and not the words “The End” that we love read.

“dragon slayer” by mugley (Flickr)

Similar to my fictional hero, I now find myself standing up to one of these unexpected dragons. In this case; a new job. After several years of hard work, I managed to win a promotion. So I bid driving goodbye and took up the position of dispatcher. While I was sure that it would be hard work for a while, I figured that I would master it (my dragon) in short order. Sadly that is/was not the case. Seems that the dragon was actually MUCH bigger than I imagined it was. Now six weeks later I’m still locked in mortal combat!. I have no doubt that being “pure of heart” (plus the help of the other dispatchers) I will overcome the beast and prevail in the end.

I’m just not so sure when that may be! The dragon often requires that I fight it 12 hours a day, so lately most of the time I seem to be either working or sleeping. While the stories still are safely stored in my imagination, I would seem that it will be a while before I get back to word smithing them out, so please have some patience.

In closing I would like to thank my writing friends. It was your support, friendship and advice that started me on the road to “happily ever after”. I do miss you guys.

Many thanks!


PS – In the next couple of days there is a surprise of sorts coming, so keep watch!


14 thoughts on “A little story about me!

  1. Heya Ken, new jobs require a lot of adjustment and dedication; I’m sure you will find the balance soon -don’t let it stress you out, just enjoy the journey and have fun. -Oh and patient is my middle name 😉

    Look forward to the surprise…

    • Hey Oz!

      Thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed being back at the keyboard today 🙂

      The wait won’t be long, the fun starts tomorrow!

  2. good things come to those who wait! The stories will come, the dispatching will ease (hopefully before next summer 🙂 ) I wish you luck on both counts and know you will conquer it…so glad about your new job!

  3. What a delightful way to tell us what’s going on in your life! I loved it. Grats on your promotion. We’re all behind ya, rooting for your success. And no matter which way you slice it. Warming up to a hot microphone is a heckuva lot better than try to thaw out a frozen bus in the winter! 😉

  4. Congratulations on the new job! I know just how hard it is to be a dispatcher and I suspect it will get busier for you in the coming months when the weather begins to happen. You will eventually find a balance. Glad to hear good things are coming to you though. Glad to see your posts. Octobooer is very exciting!

    • Hey friend! Thanks for that, I’m sure a few weeks from now it will be much better. You going to take part in Octo”boo”er?

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