Summer is gone! It ran its glorious course all too quickly and now the kids are back at school. There is a hint of frost in the air that suggests the weather is starting to change. In some places the leaves are painting the horizon with spectacular  displays. Crops are being brought in and pumpkins are starting to appear. Yes something is definitely in the air.

Try standing in a cornfield during the full moon and watch for fleeting glimpses of figures mounted on brooms flash cross the sky. Or perhaps you may sense a presence just at the edge of your vision, and no matter how fast you turn, you never see what it was. The things in the night are starting to go “bump”. Yep, my time of the year!

“Cosplay Sugar Sugar Rune” by Florian Fromentin (Flickr)

I have always loved this season. You could almost say that I take de”fright’ in it all. Perhaps it’s the muse of a dear friend that has whispered in my ear as of late, but the stories that fill my head have taken a darker turn. I try to fight the darkness, but each happy tale soon comes to a bitter end. I see haunts in the shadows and will-of -the wisps in the night air. So casting “happily ever after” to the wind and the fell beasties, I welcome you to Octo”Boo”er here at the fictional campfire!

I am looking for several guess writers to join my celebration. Here is your chance to write that spooky little tale that keeps asking to be let out. So if you feel up to a walk on the darker side of the street let me know! Not up for that? Then perhaps one of the two, month-long challenges will be something you can sink you teeth into. Any which way, I’m hoping everybody will have a howling good time!

The calendar may still show a few days left in September, but I hear-by declare Octo”Boo”er has begun! I’m hoping to get the word out to all the boys and ghouls who like to write, so if you could be so kind as to pass the word along through the social channels. Watch for the twitter hash tag #Octobooer. Welcome to the happily never after!

“Happy Halloween!” by Schub@ (Flickr)


12 thoughts on “Octo”Boo”er

  1. I like! I like! Count me in (though I have not written anything too dark lately), if my muse plays along I’ll see what I can come up with, let me know the details…

    • Micheal,

      What a great story and a great start to happily never after! I really look forward to seeing more of your stories.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope this is the write–er, I mean right–place. Where the scary Halloween stories from guest writers go? Here is my story that hopefully will scare the…uh…snot outta you. I didn’t get it under 500 words, sorry to say, but I did get it around 1000. Without further adieu, here is my link to…Once Upon a Mirror Dreary

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