The Story Teller

I was born in North York (now part of Toronto), and have lived in Brampton since I was three. I’m a school bus driver, history buff, Scout Leader, self proclaimed “geek”, and aspiring writer. I live with my wife, two sons, a rather vocal cat, and a dog that suffers from attention problems. Being of both Scottish and Irish heritage, I love stories. Telling them, writing them, or reading them, it doesn’t really matter.  I also author the “Other Side of 40” blog, which is my outlet for all the quirky views of the world I have. “Fictional Campfire” is my first real attempt to write fiction. I believe everybody has a story to tell, so here goes….


11 thoughts on “The Story Teller

    • I love campfires!!!! I love telling stories!!!! The campfire just made sense to me. It might also have something to do with the fact I’m involved in Scouting as well.

      As for driving school buses, it is beyond a doubt the best job I’ve ever had. The bonus is that I have lots of time to think about what to write next 🙂

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  5. I love the picture you used for this section (I believe I am the taker of this picture), but am still chuckling over the fact that what the observer doesn’t see is the electrical wire that just above your head…….so much for safety Scouter man. I’m enjoying your blog very much and look forward to more good readings..

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