Sarahann’s Shoppe of Earthbound Souls

So who’s up for a bit of challenge? (Quite down Selena, the others can’t hear me over your wicked laughter!) This past March I spent two nights in a place that I’m going say is/was moderately haunted. While the jury is still out on what exactly I may have experienced, I have developed an interest in ghost stories (both real and fictional).

One of the stories I came across, was that of a British soldier that was bound to an antique bed which he was reported to have owned while he walked among the living. It was discovered by a couple that had bought the bed, he had no problem with a woman sleeping in it, but men where strictly NOT welcome at all! All this made me wonder (a dangerous thing I know) how many other earthbound souls remained attached to an object that had once belonged to them?

So here’s the challenge. Write a story about a haunted item. It can be of any length (I have found that good stories often know how long to be). Beyond that, go where the story takes you. Be sad, be dark, be creepy, have the character(s) live happily NEVER after! Then post your stories on your own site and remember to link it back to this challenge. In early November I’ll post the links for each story in one wrap up post.

“1906 Edwardian Lady With Bonnet” shared by ShutterlyHappy (Flickr)

For those who would like a bit of back story, allow me to introduce you to Sarahann. She is the owner of the “Shoppe of Earthbound Souls” which rather conveniently deals in haunted antiques. She knows the story of each piece in the collection, and she is happy to share them with any would be purchasers. She also happens to be a ghost as well. Her store likes to “pop” up here and there, and more than once a patron has returned to the store’s site only to find a burned out shell of a house or vacant lot.

Feel free to use her in any story you might dream up, I only ask that you keep her neutral, she is NOT evil and would never endanger a living soul. She has been known to give warnings to would be buyers of particularly nasty or ill intentioned antiquities which may or may not be heeded by mere mortals. Sometimes those impulse buys come back to haunt us in the end!

Both Sarahann and myself are dying to read your creations! Hope you have a fun Octo”boo”er and good luck wordsmithing.