Tomi Todstuhl as told by Guest Storyteller Selena Wolff

Today I have Selena Wolff visiting the campfire to spin this spooky tale! So get comfortable and grab your friend or blanket to hide under. I hope you enjoy it (I did).

It was a dark and stormy night…no, wait, that’s the wrong tale.

Here we go….

There was once an old woman that lived at the edge of the village. With a raggedy patch over one eye, and her wiry grey hairs dancing wildly around her head as she dug in her garden. The children of the small hamlet would hold their noses when they ran down the lane to pass her cottage on the way to school. They knew if they breathed the air, she would suck them into her cauldron and eat them for breakfast.

Once a week, when the night was deep and dark, the youngest villagers could hear her cackling from within her little thatched abode. It was filled with glee, echoing through the streets and seeping into their dreams. On more than one occasion a young boy or girl would wake whimpering in fear, knowing full well that the old woman was riding her broom across the full moon, seeking tasty tidbits for her supper.

But there was one boy who would scoff when the others whispered of the horrors that must surely be hidden behind the purple door of the old woman’s cottage. Tomi Todstuhl, his tufts of fiery red hair crowning a face filled with freckles, laughed at their fear.

‘I’ll show you’ he warbled when the children gathered in the schoolyard one summer evening to share their terror. He turned and strutted stridently toward the old woman’s cottage. It was the Night of Cackles, and they all knew what that meant.

‘No! Tomi!’ His sister, young Eliza wailed, fearing for his life. Tomi was a round little boy, and would make a perfect stew for the witch’s pot. She reached to stop him.

Tomi shook her hand from his arm and continued on toward the darkened hovel. The others followed him and when they neared they noticed an eerie blue light flickering from the windows. The young boy hesitated for only a moment, fighting back the fear that filled him. He entered through the rusty gate and as it squealed, the crowd of children gasped.

Tomi turned, and with one final defiant glance at his friends, he tiptoed to the purple door. Beneath the shadow of the porch roof, the darkness was nearly complete and the strange blue light reflecting from a small window caused the boy’s face to appear pale and ghostly. He raised his hand to pound on the door, and it opened. Just a crack.

With their hands raised to their mouths, the children watched as a wrinkled hand reached through the opening. Grabbing Tomi by the shirt, the boy disappeared into the gloomy interior and the great purple door slammed shut.

Something snapped inside Eliza. Her brother was in danger! As the other children screamed, she cried out “NO!” and ran toward the door. The others trailed behind her in a tightly knit pack, scurrying like sheep in front of a storm. She slammed against the door and it burst open revealing the source of the witch’s evil magic to them all.

Eliza’s mouth hung open as she saw the scene before her. Slowly the corners of her lips turned upward toward a smile and finally a giggle escaped. The old woman had her hands deep in a bowl of popcorn and Tomi was howling with laughter as they sat on an old sofa in the darkened room. Before them was a wide screen TV and Seinfeld and Cosmos were up to their old antics.

Tomi turned to look at his sister and grinned evilly.

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Guest Storyteller – Kelsey G.

I am very proud to present my first guest storyteller here at the Campfire. Of course, I’m also proud because she is my niece. Because Kelsey loves to write stories so much, I knew that I had to ask her if she would like to write one for the “Fictional Campfire”, so I did that yesterday. In the true spirit of flash fiction, Kelsey immediately grabbed pen and paper and got to work. Soon afterwards, she returned to where the “big” kids were talking and presented me with her submission.

After a quick discussion about possible editing, she confidently gave me the go ahead to post it for her (alas she has no blog of her own yet!). Below you will find her story, “Mouse Tunels”, complete with illustrations, I might add!  So I ask that you please quiet down while I let her take her place in the fire circle to begin. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you Kelsey for sharing this wonderful story with everybody here. Well done and keep writing!

Uncle Ken

“Mouse Tunels” by Kelsey G.